Ellipsis Imagery

The bronze monstrosity

"Claudia" sculpture by Neil Strojny.
Photo by Doug Wilson.

Rehearsal Photos

The second run of Ellipsis, in November 2002, was at Art-O-Matic in Washington, D.C.

During its first run in February and March of 2002, Ellipsis was performed at the MetroCafe (Washington, D.C.), the Greenbelt Arts Center (Greenbelt, MD), and the Chesapeake Center for the Creative Arts (Glen Burnie, MD). These are photos from rehearsals at each of those three locations.

There are also a few backstage photos, also taken during dress rehearsals at the CCCA.

Posed Photos

From the MetroCafe, there are also two sets of posed character photos. One features the three central characters (Garcin, Estelle, and Inez) in their personal hells ("closets"). The other is just a set of simple portraits.

Photo Art

For each of the central characters in Ellipsis, I also did a photo montage Photoshop piece. Starting from photos of that character, I put together an image that represents something about their person, their sin, and why they are in Hell. In the order created, there are montages for Estelle, Garcin, Inez I, Inez II, and The Valet.

There are also a few pieces of other photo art, some done as experiments, and some as jokes.